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Hypnotherapy is...

as natural as breathing yet often the most misunderstood phenomenon known to man. Hypnosis is wonderful natural state of heighten consciousness frequently accompanied by feelings of deep physical and mental relaxation. We all experience hypnosis several times a day. Do you realize that whenever we daydream, this is a self imposed hypnotic state? Other common examples include: 'spacing out' whilde driving a car; shifting our focus to another time and place during a boring conversation; experiencing time distortion while involved in a good book, project, sporting event, or movie.


The most common misconception of hypnosis is that hypnosis is something done to the client without his/her permission. This fallacy reinforces the belief that the person will become the mental slave of the Hypnotist. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The client freely selects the suggestion(s) they accept.

Albert Marotta Hypnotherapy

Albert J. Marotta

Clinical Hypnotist

"And the day came when the risk to stay tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom."  


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Albert Marotta Hypnotherapy
Albert Marotta Hypnotherapy
Albert Marotta Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis with Marotta Wikkeling is A Partnerships of Mutual Responsibility between client and therapist. Hypnosis stimulates a state of heightened mental awareness within the client, IF they maintain the proper mental attitude.

Does Hynotherapy Work? Discovery through hypnosis reveals many situtations effecting our human condition. Interestingly enough many of these common factors are not recognized in the traditional mental health mainstream. Hypnosis because of its great accessing ability is truly a dynamic process of accelerated personal transformation by itself or as an adjunct to other therapies.

How And Why Hypnosis Works ...

Hypnois used by an effective, ethical, qualified professional in coorperation with the clients proper mental attitude, creates a powerful dynamic state of heightened responsiveness allowing the client to bypass multiple layers of protective resistance. 

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